Hello and welcome to my website. My love affair with photography started many moons ago when a colleague gave me a broken Praktica 35mm SLR camera. I had it repaired and shot absolutely any and everything with it before going on to find my feet as a social photographer.

Wedding photography in those days was mainly shot with a medium format film camera on a tripod with each shot carefully set-up. How times have changed. Film is virtually non existent and the documentary 'shoot from the hip' style of photography is currently all the rage.

My career has also changed a little in that time. I spent many years working as an art director on lifestyle and business magazines before returning to work as a photographer in 2008.

My philosophy is always to fulfill the brief, but I love people and the little things that make us unique and so I'll always try to get something a little out of the ordinary to surprise the client and to have something quirky for my portfolio.

I do hope you like some of what you see.