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This is an image from Heather & Lincoln's wedding. I've known them both for some time and whilst I wouldn't say Lincoln was reserved (far from it) he would be the last person that I would expect to put on a performance during such a serious occasion. Weddings needn't necessarily be serious, you may say and I would agree but up until this point this wedding had taken on a relatively serious mood. Father Alfred confronted by a din of chattering guests felt sufficiently annoyed to admonish everyone for being disrespectful of his church and then admonished them once again when he felt the first telling-off hadn't worked. Cue scared silence.

So providing light entertainment during the key moments might not have been the wisest thing for Lincoln to do. But as you can see it went down a storm with audience and I'm happy to report with clergy too.


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Penny At Her First Networking Event

Penny (Centre of picture wearing flowery dress) is founder of a company called 'Multiplication Rules' which devises learning aids to helps autistic kids understands maths better. I suggested that she attend one of the women's networks that I photograph so that she could meet other entrepreneurial women who could maybe help her take her business on to a new level. Being a little diffident I could see she wasn't too keen on the idea but to give her credit she went along and despite trying to sneak out early she was persuaded to stay till near the end.

When I looked back through the pictures of the night I was pleased by how this turned out as it sums up how she must have felt being at this event: a maverick alone amongst a blur of high-powered dark suits... I did feel a little bad about it. But the camera does lie a little and she is in fact talking to the lady left of centre and another lady obscured to her right.

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How Do You Make a Roomful of Entrepreneurs Laugh? Don't let anyone ever tell you cricketers are boring. Ex-England Captain Graham Gooch was in fine form when he filled the final slot of the Real Business 'Entrepreneurs Summit'. It had already proven to be a brilliant event with near-messianic performances from Lord Bilimoria (Cobra Beer) and Richard Reed (Innocent) so I was a little worried for Mr Gooch having to follow such class acts. But as the picture attests there was no need to for fear because he had the crowd eating out of his hand. Somewhere in amongst the cricketing anecdotes there were references to leadership and entrepreneurial spirit... a little tenuous one could argue but I'm not sure that anyone minded in the slightest.

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